Virtual Desktop Solutions Define New Standards

Why "Desktop as a Service"?

The demands for enterprises and IT departments concerning Windows desktops change rapidly. Ever-changing device types and the Bring-Your-Own-Device (BYOD) trend, challenging applications as well as the increasing mobility: all these demands result in high investments and continual adaptations for your workplace.

"Desktop as a Service" (or "virtual desktop") enables you to provide a state-of-the-art and highly secure workspace for your customers – for affordable monthly fixed costs. "Desktop-as-a-Service" integrates itself into your IT landscape and provides fast and easy access to even the most demanding branch software.

Virtual Desktops work on every device and operating system in your browser – and also adapt themselves readily to your future needs. Thanks to persistent storage and cloud-back-up, web-based workspaces also provide you with comfort and maximum security.


Brand-new Cloud DaaS Solutions for Enterprises and IT Resellers

Swiss Cloud Workplace "Desktop as a Service"

The desktop market is changing. There is a growing number of initiatives for using own devices (BYOD), Windows XP is no longer supported, mobility by means of tablets, iPads, smart-phones together with the cloud gain in importance. The administration of many desktop computers is expensive, therefore the trend is towards application-centered models (DaaS = "Desktop as a Service").

Swiss Cloud Workplace GmbH and capable partners have developed the flexible, affordable and lean DaaS platform Swiss Cloud Workplace (SCWP). SCWP provides virtual desktops as a true cloud service and thus enables users to access their virtual desktop quickly and safely with any device or browser. Swiss Cloud Workplace allows for an easy deployment management by using existing tools and policies.

Experience the absolute independence – with any device, anytime, anywhere, and with any operating system.

The Benefits of Swiss Cloud Workplace at a Glance

Top-Class Service

Support for advanced graphic-, multimedia and unified communications-scenarios.
High performance, fast scalability and high availability.
Coherent support.

Enterprise Integration

The Swiss cloud workplace-platform is multitenant and provides a separate Virtual Local Area Network (VLAN) for each tenant. The concept of our technology enables our customers to easily integrate their hosted desktop solutions into their enterprise environments and to use existing directory services (AD, DC, file services etc.). This works without a domain-based position of trust between customer and SCWP.


By using desktops and applications as a cloud-service you benefit from low introduction costs (no investment) for virtualization and affordable running costs.

Consistent Desktop

Users can access Windows-desktops with any device – PCs, tablets, notebooks, thin clients, smart-phones and HTML 5 browsers.

Management and Development of the Desktop

IT-employees can easily administer multiple desktop models by use of one single console (such as complete, persistent desktops and shared non-persistent desktops). Any user can customize persistent desktops in the usual manner.

Persistent Storage of the Current State

Virtual desktops don't have to be switched off – in other words: users can interrupt their work in the middle of a sentence and can log in from home later and continue their work.

Video von VMware über Horizon/DaaS (3 min:36 sec, auf English)

Why is there less RAM allocated to me than my laptop has at disposal?

We provide high-performance hardware in the cloud, which differs from the performance of PC or laptop. As a general rule, virtual desktops allow any kind of configuration. A large hardware configuration doesn't automatically result in a higher performance.

How can I integrate specialized applications that have been developed according to our needs or a third-party-product into the cloud? Is a considerable effort necessary?

Installation and effort in the cloud are identically equal to an installation on a real device.

How does the connection to my office hardware work (a printer for example)?

The integration of local hardware is similar to the integration into a network. USB-devices can also be integrated via USB redirect.

Which Internet-connection-speed is required for working with DaaS? Is the cell-phone-connection Edge sufficient? Or do I need 3G or H+, respectively?

Non-optimized office-desktops (office applications) require 150 Kbit/s. Edge is sufficient.
Optimized office-desktops (office applications) require 100 Kbit/s. GPRS is sufficient.
3D-applications or the usage of multiple monitors require 600 Kbit/s, at least UMTS.
These values are valid for the PcoIP-protocol. RDP requires a higher bandwidth or a WAN-accelerator.

How is the data encrypted between my device and the cloud-center?

Your data is exclusively stored in a highly secure Swiss datacenter and according to Swiss data protection directives.

Is it possible to use DaaS without beeing connected to the internet (i.e. working offline)?

DaaS requires an internet connection. Even in intranets (company networks) it isn't possible to work offline since data and applications are stored on servers.

How much does a desktop with office applications cost?

The costs depend on chosen performance, office-version and support level. Quantity discounts are available. Rates for office workplaces start from CHF 85.00 for a single user – per month.

Which services are included in the price per desktop? A support contract?

Included are: provision of desktops, operating system and a guaranteed availability of 99.9% (incl. Monitoring). Support contracts aren't offered by SCWP, but individually by your IT-service-provider.

The Right Solution for Your Needs

Personalized Windows Desktop Solutions

Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SME)

SME: Web-based "Desktop as a Service" Solution at an Affordable Price

From now on virtual workplaces in the cloud are possible for small enterprises too – simple and affordable.

Pull the plug on the complex administration of traditional desktops and rising costs.

The Challenge

Especially for small and medium scale enterprises the set-up, operation, maintenance and management of versions and licenses for local PCs has become extremely resource- intensive and costly. In addition conventional desktops complicate mobile working, and a fast access via iPad, smartphone or an external computer is costly and involves the danger of security gaps.

The Solution

Swiss Cloud Workplace enables small and medium scale enterprises to access Cloud Desktop as a Service (DaaS) – due to a cost-efficient leasing model there are no high introduction costs or a lasting capital commitment. Roll-out and administration of new web-based desktop-workspaces can be done easily via the self-service-portal within a few minutes – no special know how is needed. Secure access with mobile devices on the go or from the home office is feasible as of now.

Large Scale Enterprises

Enterprise: Highly Flexible Virtual Desktop Solutions in an ISO-certified Swiss Cloud

Experience the absolute independence: both users and IT departments benefit from the flexible DaaS-solution.

The straightforward and affordable provision of virtual desktops reduces the workload of IT departments and enables both internal and external employees and subsidiaries to access their familiar work environment from almost any location.

The Challenge

Managing and maintaining a large amount of clients or desktops is a challenge for any company: both require great effort and are extremely expensive. Periodic updates, version changes, a great number of various applications and license types, security aspects, the requirements of individual users and an increasing demand for mobile and flexible workplaces are only a few of the challenges in the area of desktop management with which IT departments are confronted. Large companies increasingly look for affordable and flexible solutions for keeping the PC- or Windows-workstations of their employees up-to-date and accessible from anywhere – without large expenditure of time and staff.

The Solution

Experience independence with the Swiss Cloud Workplace. Due to the affordable DaaS-solution from Switzerland companies can provide their employees with their entire work environments including applications and data in the cloud (in ISO-certified Swiss datacenters). Local installations and maintenance can be omitted, the deployment of online-workspaces e.g. for new employees can be done at the push of a button – within minutes. The usage-dependent pay-per-use-model means that there are no investment costs. And the users? They enjoy absolute flexibility and independence – on the move, from home or from any workplace within the company.

Educational Institutions

Education: Individual Virtual Workplaces for Entire Classes – at the Push of a Button

Improved education quality at lower IT costs..

It is possible to create virtual desktops for entire classes at the push of a button – fast and without great IT costs.

The Challenge

Desktop solutions for classes must meet specific requirements, for example constantly varying user groups and desktop environments. IT executives from educational institutions – for example schools, universities or organizations for adult education – look for flexible and affordable opportunities to improve learning experiences and to meet the changing and differing demands of the various users.

The Solution

Our intuitive desktop- and workspace-administration allows You to create various desktop profiles online. To make the most out of the budget, the virtual SCWP-desktops make it possible to provide the latest developments for a large number of pupils and students. The Swiss Cloud Workplace Platform helps academic institutions to lower their investment and operating costs while simultaneously improving their education standards.

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Swiss Cloud Workplace GmbH ist THE DaaS provider in Switzerland for small, medium and large scale enterprises who puts an end to high maintenance expenditures and increasing costs for PCs. 

The reliable, secure and flexible DaaS-platform Swiss Cloud Workplace provides our customers with tomorrow's workspaces today: virtual desktop management for small and medium enterprises made in Switzerland.

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The "Desktop as a Service" solution Swiss Cloud Workplace is a joint venture of capable cooperation partners. Each partner possesses longstanding knowhow in the fields of cloud computing and services, data center infrastructure and virtualization technology.