Secure Workplace


Secure Workplace

Any time, any place?

Companies operating on a global scale with cross-border networking and the need to access critical information, require Cloud-Communication- and Collaboration-Platforms which fulfill highest security requirements. They follow the Zero-Trust-Approach and define holistic security requirements with end-to-end-solutions.

Many companies build a modern work environment using standard desktops within a cloud solution. A simplified and consistent environment offers optimal support and increases productivity.


The challenges

The Swiss Cloud Workplace Standard Desktop serves as the basis for the development of a Zero-Trust-Approach, for users acting within the scope of business-critical applications.

The challenge lies in ensuring that:

  • Employees of Mergers & Acquisitions, Research & Development Divisions, Contract Management, Board members and Board of Directors, have real-time and central access at all times to relevant data, documents and projects – everywhere from any (mobile) device.
  • Data of business partners meet their own security requirements.
  • Users, devices, applications and data, which are increasingly being located away from the traditional corporate network remain under their control.
  • Advanced targeted threats which are increasingly occurring within the corporate network are prevented. „Trust and control“ is no longer an option.
  • A secure, reliable and scalable solution which meets all audit and given compliance requirements, is provided.


Standard Desktops alone are not the answer. They form the basis!


How serious is the danger?

(Source: Bitkom)

62 %

Cybercrimes committed from within the company or by former employees.

Espionage, sabotage, data theft – the offenders are particularly common amongst current or former employees. Internal co-workers have been identified as offenders by 62 percent of the companies that have been affected by these threats during the past two years.

17 %

Of the companies have been victims of data theft during the past two years.

In every sixth company, digital data has been stolen over the past two years. Of this data, 41% were communication data such as emails, 36% financial data, 17% customer data, 10% employee data and 11% patents and information from research and development.

55 bn.

Damages per year to the German economy.

This is the result of a study by the IT business association BITKOM. The study shows that the threat is real for companies of all industries and sizes and that much more needs to be done for digital security.

The requirements

  • In order to achieve a better performance in the global marketplace on a long-term basis, IT departments need to provide business-to-employee (B2E) applications that enable new business processes. These business processes that have been driven by digital transformation, require new applications in addition to traditional enterprise applications such as SAP software.
  • In addition, more and more data needs to be handled in unpredictable peaks in data communication. These data are needed on networking devices to analyse future business decisions and require additional infrastructure and security.
  • Companies increasingly need the flexibility to use additional resources at short notice without long lead times.

The solution

  • Diso AG has further developed our Swiss Cloud Workplace together with its customer thyssenkrupp AG to a Secure Workplace.
  • thyssenkrupp provides a highly secure IT environment for particularly critical information as protection against cyber-attacks. thyssenkrupp pursues a consistent zero-trust approach and defines the security requirements with a holistic end-to-end solution.
  • The requirements were put into practice together with the Diso AG.

A solution for all user requirements

  • Digital workplace for the Executive Board and the Supervisory board
  • Digital workplace for the senior management
  • Digital workplace for Research and Development
  • Security for highly sensitive company data
  • Protection against espionage, sabotage or data theft
  • Employees requiring special need for digital protection
  • Digital workplace for highly mobile users
  • Users travelling frequently to international destinations
  • Higher standards of availability, 24×7, worldwide
  • Establishing GDPR Compliance
Diso AG

"With the Secure Cloud Workplace, we meet the high demands of our top managers in terms of security and usability. This environment has been implemented quickly and highly professionally in Switzerland. Our special security requirements were taken into account in all facets. Looking back, the short project duration of 2 months was the biggest challenge. We could realize the project only with a partner, who

  • is able to carry out agile project management
  • allows for very short and fast decision-making processes
  • operates very flexibly
  • is in a position to manage the environment at a high level of maturity.

We were fortunate enough to find this partner in the Diso AG, on whose standard solution we could build upon and successively expand our security environment.“

Dr. Jörg Bröckelmann, CISO, thyssenkrupp AG

Diso Secure Workplace


  • For customized solutions, such as a Hybrid Cloud, Diso connects the Secure Workplace with the existing infrastructure.
  • Corporate data and applications can be maintained either in the private SCWP cloud or in the company's own data centre.
  • The Diso Secure Workplace provides central access, at all times and from anywhere to relevant data and documents, regardless of the devices and operating systems used, such as Apple, Android, Windows, etc., which are increasingly being located away from the traditional corporate network and remain under control.
  • The Secure Workplace offers maximum security against both external and internal cybercrime. Our Swiss IT security specialists ensure trouble-free operation in the Swiss high-security data centre.
  • Customers benefit from the perfect 24×7 availability, anytime, anywhere - worldwide.

Have we made you curious?

Please read the thyssenkrupp Use Case and find out how you, too, can implement your Zero-Trust Approach successfully for users acting within the scope of business-critical applications.

Please follow this link for in-depth Diso Secure Workplace Product Information Sheet


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